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Ely teams compete in First Lego Robotics Challenge

Both Ely Lego teams: Coach AJ Ostlund, Coach Peter McClelland, Talan Hart, Nolan Anderson, Blake Houde, Liam Kurnava, Laydan Hart, Riker Hart, Bryce Houde, Swayer Anderson, Owen Kurnava, Ava Wohnsen, Hokan Lunn, Eleanor Nyquist, Taran Scarbrough, Brian Angelo, Coach Chris Hegenbarth and Max Gregory in front.

On Saturday, Dec. 9 Ely had two teams compete in the First Lego Robotics challenge in Hermantown.

Each year there is a new theme and this year’s was “Masterpiece.” To participate each team had to design and build a robot using the Lego Spike Prime set.

They then had to program the robot to autonomously run and solve challenges. In addition each team had to create a presentation on using the arts and technology to solve a problem.

The “Gear Goblins” consisted of seven students in grades six to eight, Blake Houde, Nolan Anderson, Liam Kurnava, Laydan Hart, Riker Hart, Talan Hart and Bryce Houde. They received the Robot Design award.

“When Squirrels Attack” consisted of eight students in grades five to seven, Sawyer Anderson, Owen Kurnava, Taran Scarbrough, Hokan Lunn, Ava Wohnsen, Brian Angelo, Eleanor Nyquist and Max Gregory. They received the Programing Award.

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