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Final buck harvest down 21% in Tower area

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The 2019 firearms deer season was not what the state was hoping for, at least in terms of harvest.
For the Tower area, the buck harvest was down 21% while the total harvest was down 42% compared to 2018.
The numbers are for northern St Louis and Lake counties including Permit Areas 117, 118, 119, 130, 131, 132 176, 177 and 178.
In the Tower area bucks comprised 82% of the harvest and antlerless deer just 18% as a result of a more conservative season structure in most permit areas to allow for population growth,” said area wildlife supervisor Tom Rusch.
The state-wide harvest was 169,869 deer including 93,384 (55%) bucks and 76,485 antlerless (45%).
Adult Buck Harvest by DPA (% Change)
117 +6.3%
118 -8.6%
119 -24.1%
130 -29.5%
131 -33.7%
132 -25.2%
176 -25.6%
177 -24.7%
178 -16.3%
Avg = -20.5%
In permit area 118, which comprises much of the Ely area, the harvest was 737 deer, including 641 bucks.
The DNR put out 50 antlerless permits which also allows for does to be taken by youth and archery hunters.
A total of 96 antlerless and juvenile male deer were registered.
The muzzleloader season opened last weekend and continues until Dec. 15.
Heavy snow in the area, with over a foot falling during the Thanksgiving holiday, will likely limit the muzzleloader harvest as well.

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