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Five years of making cookies

OVER 1,100 COOKIES were baked by Mollie Johnson and available to folks who stopped in at KJ’s Hardware Store on the first day of winter, Dec. 21.

For the past five years, customers at KJ’s Hardware (formerly J&L) have been treated to cookies on Dec. 21. This year there were over 1,000 to choose from.

“I had a few older customers five years ago who didn’t have any family and I started with little trays for them,” said Mollie Johnson.

“But I made too many to keep at home so I set out a little table and it’s grown since then,” said Johnson.

Two years ago she baked 200 and last year she made 845. And they all disappear.

This year there are 21 different kinds from chewy Snickerdoodles, ginger crinkles, brownie blossoms, sugar-free and gluten-free chocolate clusters, classic sugar cookies, peanut butter blossoms, Italian sugar cookies, Swedish almond cake, gingerbread, William’s Christmas cookies (with Ande’s mints and walnuts), Gillette Hospital sugar cookies, butter pecans, hot chocolate cookies, Expresso ground butter toffee cookie, salted caramel cookie, coffee cookie, spritz cookie, Russian tea cakes, classic chocolate chip, Ritz cracker cookies and two different types of Dot’s pretzels dunked in almond bark.

“I love seeing people’s faces when they see the table and they go ‘Holy cow!’” said Johnson.  “And it’s just something I love to do. The oven is non-stop at my house.”

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