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Flood help no matter where

We are fortunate to live where major rivers don’t threaten our community. We may not have a Sandbag Central but we do have people impacted by an overabundance of water.
When the city storm sewer system froze and backed up a couple weeks ago, two places were hit hard. A resident near the freeze up on Third Avenue East had 6,000 gallons of water fill her basement.
A Go Fund Me site was quickly set up to help her with expenses. The community responded with financial contributions and the goal was quickly met and exceeded.
On the other end of the freeze-up the water went into Sir G’s Restaurant and sand bags were used to keep more water from coming in.
Now volunteers are working with the restaurant’s owners to help with repairs to the floor. This is another example of community members stepping forward to help a friend in need.
Maybe this setback for a beloved Ely restaurant will be a step toward more people supporting local businesses. As volunteer Susan Laine noted this was an opportunity to help new friends in the community.
“Ely has had a long cold winter,” she said. “We lost friends, we lost businesses. We lost too much.”
We salute those who fill sandbags, make a donation or give of themselves in some way to help others in need. Our world is a tough enough place to make a go of it. Doing it alone is not an option most would choose.
Thanks to those who give of themselves to make our community, our state, our nation and our world a better place to live.

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