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Fresh Catnip #23: Space Capsule

Ely Echo - Staff Photo - Create Article

Looking for experience and adventure, Phyzzeek talked Pamalot’s sister Jo into helping him build a space capsule. Not sure where this is going to take him or what will happen or what he may find, he is willing to fly out of Time and space… Maybe he will find his missing friend or another friend… but first of all he has to take the first step, and that is build the spacecraft. Where will this take him? Even though it is a top-secret The Ely Echo has captured the action on where you can view construction and the launch of such a special mission. Any size or age is welcome to view the’cattoon’: Fresh Catnip #23: Space Capsule starring Phyzzeek and Jo.FreshCatnip videos by Pamalot. 

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