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Fresh Catnip1

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Announcing!   New Column for Ely Echo Online viewers, open to all:  FRESH CAT NIP online moving 'cattoon'  video column Starring the Little Phyzzeek and Co-starring Big Lizzie.  Lizzie is a recue cat who came to live with Pamalot last summer of 2022.  A few months later this kitten was given to Pamalot.  At this stage of life being somewhere between 16-17 years old, Lizzie finds  Phyzzeek to be fairly annoying and yet at times he can be entertaining for an old cat to watch. Watch as she grows more or less tolerant of him. Phyzzeek was born in August 2022.  He was the runt and proves that he's as big and talented as any cat.  The Little Phyzzeek.  Phyzz and Liz for short.

     As you can see:  Phyzzeek already enjoys the ELY ECHO and tried to find himself featured in Fresh Cat Nip with Big Lizzie.  Treat yourself to a little surprise every week... little suspense, mystery, excitement, and sometimes relaxing moments enough for a cat nap, often leaving a little up to your own imagination.

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