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Grooming Time

Even some warm weather last week did little to Ely area ski and snowmobile trails.The Ely Igloo Snowmobile Club has been out grooming the Tomahawk Trail that runs from Ely to the North Shore along with the Trezona Ski Trail around Miner's Lake."Right now we have some of the best trail conditions we have ever seen up here," said Club President Nick Wognum. "We have been able to add several pieces of equipment and we are grooming more miles of trail than ever before."In addition, the DNR has been able to contract with the Igloo Club for additional grooming on the Taconite Trail between Ely and the spur to Babbitt."We did that section on a Saturday night during the three-day weekend and the Taconite was in great shape the whole weekend," said Wognum.

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