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Lead Summary

This is the final weekend to carry a firearm and hunt deer in Minnesota for 2019.
It’s muzzleloader season and I came in a bit unprepared. I didn’t hunt the first weekend and it wasn’t until Harold Langowski and I went for a ride to look at a trail issue that I was too excited to go out.
But when a huge buck was standing in a clear cut the urge to get back in the woods chasing whitetails returned in a hurry.
So, it was a last minute run to J&L to pick up ammunition since mine was at the shack.
Jay fetched powder pellets and bullets and I would’ve walked out the door if he hadn’t asked if I needed primers as well. Thanks Jay!
Since the law was changed I have been wanting to put the scope back on my muzzleloader.
Finally on Monday I was able to run down to Virginia Surplus where owner Doug Ellis stayed to help me out.
Doug is a great local gunsmith and a knowledgeable one as well. While he found the right screws and set the scope back on the gun we talked hunting, fishing and why in the world the feds went after Jim Maki over ciscoes.
Doug worked his magic to make sure the scope was bore sighted and was even able to find see through mounts so I could look under the scope and still use the open sights in a pinch.
We’ve got two deer in the freezer but last year we had three. I’m looking forward to some time in the stand and walking through the snow in the woods.
And if a buck happens to walk by when I’m out there we’ll see if having a scope is a help or a hindrance.

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