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Hook and Bullet Club

by Nick Wognum

This is the final weekend of the muzzleloader season, but you would never know by what the woods look like. There’s some spotty snow but really not much to write home about. Temps have been in the 20s and 30s, ideal for deer hunting.

My son Evan and I finally got on the board last weekend so we will have venison in the freezer this winter. For me it was the end of the day on Saturday, or what I like to call the witching hour.

Sitting in a clear cut watching two does feeding upwind of me when a stick broke and another deer popped out of the brush. Was that an antler? Yup. Not a big one, but my mind was made up. If it was a legal buck, it was going in the truck.

The smokepole barked and the buck ended up on its back. Once the smoke cleared I had the sinking feeling I missed when there was another standing where the spike had been. But the scope revealed a doe and it was time to get Evan to come over and help me gut the buck.

Sunday was similar. We had just talked about when the final shooting time was when Evan shot. A similar sized deer lay dead on the other side of a power line. This time it was Evan doing the gutting.

Both times we utilized the black plastic sled that Otto Merhar had gave me a few years back. When Otto dropped a deer in deep snow, having his sled along made all the difference. This year, even with virtually no snow, the sled was a handy thing to have.

Each night we stopped at Mike Gheen’s to drop off the deer and share some stories. Mike doesn’t have time to hunt during the rifle season since he’s too busy skinning and cutting up deer. But when muzzleloader rolls around he’s out with his son and daughter hunting whitetails.

Mike tells some great stories and he had Evan and I in stitches several times. That’s actually why we go there, so we don’t get stitches from a sharp knife and to trade hunting stories.

“I was going to send you guys a picture of deer since I hadn’t seen you in a couple years,” said Mike.

He’s that kind of guy, always good with some friendly ribbing and quick with the one liners. I’ve missed our times in his shop the past three years. I’m hoping we get to come back again soon.

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