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Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum

Do good things come in threes? If so I would submit a wedding, a moose and the northern lights.

Day one, Saturday. My youngest son Evan has been dating Nella Foy for over nine years. We knew a wedding would happen some day and it finally did. With Evan’s Godfather and state representative Roger Skraba officiating, Evan and Nella became Mr. and Mrs. Wognum.

Surrounded by friends and family, the couple held court at the Miner’s Dry building to a full house for a fine wedding reception that evening.

So many people to visit with, there just wasn’t enough time, but if that was the only hiccup, then it was a near perfect day.

Sunday we took time out to have dinner with my cousins who made it to the celebration. While Susan came all the way from San Diego, Ingrid and Andrew flew over from jolly old London to be with us.

The cousins from across the pond had us out to the cabin they were staying at on Farm Lake. We drove out there in the late afternoon and had to stop for a young bull moose standing at the intersection of Kawishiwi Trail and 13 Corners.

Susan was along and able to capture the rare moment. Seeing a moose used to be common but not anymore. And to see one at 13 Corners? That’s a first for me.

Ingrid and Andrew missed out on the moose but when Susan took off for California the next day, we headed back out to the cabin. No moose, but when we left, the sky was flooded with northern lights in one of the best shows in many moons.

We watched from the deck of the cabin and then stopped several times on the way home to look up at the pulsating lights.

Three days and three memories etched in time. As my friend Tom Wetzel would say, we are truly blessed.

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