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Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum

Being at our shack in the summer is a battle of the bugs. But Evan and I had to make an express trip one night after work when we found out a logging operation would be going through where we left a ladder stand.
We met one of the loggers on the road, he had just driven his $350,000 feller buncher to a spot by our shack. We followed the tracks on the road like tracking a wounded deer.
After giving the guy a ride back to his truck we set out for the stand. On our way across a swamp we apparently woke up the mosquitoes and flies. When we came back carrying the 16-foot stand, they were waiting for us.
Evan had positioned himself between two of the steps and I was holding the bottom of the ladder with one hand. This gave me the advantage, I had a free hand to swat flies.
The stand removal went smoothly, no one fell out of a tree or lost a boot in the swamp. Came home with a few bug bites but no ticks. See? Miracles can happen!

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