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Hook & bullet club - Lost and found pet

Imagine coming to northern Minnesota with your family pet and going home without it. And then 17 days later getting a phone call that your dog had been found miles away.For the Nelson family in Woodbury, it was a sad story that ended up with a happy ending. An eight year-old Brittany Spaniel named Cally had disappeared from Melgeorge’s on Elephant Lake near Orr. Then, somehow and some way, Cally travelled all the way to the Chainsaw Sisters Saloon on Pickett Lake. Now, there is a trail/road system to get from Melgeorge’s Resort to Highway 23 that runs from Orr to Crane Lake. Assuming Cally went that way and headed north, she took a right on the Echo Trail and started the trek toward Ely.A driver for Voyageur North Outfitters reported seeing a dog way up the Echo Trail, which likely was Cally on her way to Chainsaw Sisters.After passing numerous roads along the Echo Trail, Cally may have very well taken a left on the Grassy Lake Road, padding her way to the intersection where she followed the traffic and made it to the bar. Then again, she could have: A. Gone through the woods (about nine to 10 miles as the crow flies); B. Been picked up along the way; C. Walked all the way, a distance of over 20 miles by road. Only Cally will know the answer but what Michele and Mark Richards know is it wasn’t easy to get Cally to trust them when she arrived in the parking lot.Mark saw the dog a couple of times but each time he tried to get close, Cally turned and ran away. “She was really good at disappearing,” said Michele. “Any time we got close to the dog she took off.” They tried tossing the dog some treats, but that didn’t work either. Cally would tolerate Mark and Michele’s three dogs, but human contact was always avoided.Finally Michele put out a bowl of food on the deck in front of the bar when Cally showed up in the yard. When she ran away again, Michele brought the food inside. Then, likely on the edge of starvation, the shy runaway dog appeared on the deck, looking for that bowl of food. This time Michele was able to get the food close enough to get the dog, all the while thinking what could happen if the dog didn’t want to be caught. But Cally was ready to give up and allowed Michele to get a hold on her collar. There, a tag with a phone number and Woodbury address, hung below her chin.Michele tried the phone number but was unsuccessful. Seeing that it was a 612 number and remembering that phone numbers had changed in the Twin Cities, she used the 651 area code instead. Waiting on the other end of the line was a very happy Nelson family. “Did you lose a dog?” Michele asked.“Yes, we did,” said Chris Nelson. “But that was 17 days ago at Melgeorge’s by Orr.”Skinny and full of ticks, it was the same dog. Mark and Michele spent over an hour picking off the ticks and brought Cally in to the Ely Vet Clinic to be checked out.When Chris came up to Ely to pick up Cally, he showed Michele a picture of his daughters holding the dog. “We thought that would be the last picture of her,” Chris told Michele. Instead Cally would be reunited with the two girls, who wrote thank you notes to Michele. “Thank you Michele for finding Cally my dog. I’m so glad to see her. You are my dog’s life saver. Love, Annika.”“Michele, thank you very much for finding my dog. You were so nice to call my house. You rock! Love, Libby Nelson.” Maybe it was divine intervention or plain dumb luck that brought a weak, starving dog through miles of wilderness where wolf packs hunt every day all the way to the Chainsaw Sisters Saloon.Either way, and whatever way Cally made it there, the best news is she made it back to a loving home. Alive. Amazing.

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