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Howling from Home a hit in Ely

Lead Summary

by Anne Swenson
An effort to bring people together by howling at a full moon was a hit not just in Ely, but other areas of the world as well.
Created by Adam Bisbee, the event grew via Facebook and likely included over 500 participants for, “Howl from Home - Community in a time of Social Distancing.”
Bisbee was more than pleased with the results on Monday night.
“If I estimated I’d say about 300 people participated in Ely, Winton and around area lakes. Another 50-200 around the state and country. The event was shared and duplicated by so many people it became tough to track,” said Bisbee.
The original question from Bisbee was, “Is the sound of community recordable? Can we hear our support of one another?”
With that in mind he picked Monday night’s full moon at 9:35 p.m. as the time for people to go outside and give their best howl to community members.
“That will show Ely is a pack and a community! Let every voice of sorrow, isolation, hope, and belonging be heard!”
The event was a simple one, people just had to step outside to their porch, their stoop, or their sidewalk and listen. Just listen.
“And when you hear a howl, in the night, from somewhere beyond or close by, you howl back. The effort is to bring a wave of howls over the city and beyond.”
Bisbee has contacted “relays” on the outskirts of town who were willing to help carry voices as far as possible.
“Our nature now is like the wolf. Our howls are lonely and secluded, but we are not alone, we are included. Included in our pack, our community. These howls, though innocent and seemingly silly, can be magical and reviving. Reminding us all that we are a pack and a community. Fun for the kids, relieving for adults.” said Bisbee.

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