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Trout Whisperer - Goodnight autumn

With no electricity at the cabin, the mornings come later and the evenings even quicker, and we like it.

Trout Whisperer - It all adds up

I stopped getting paid to take folks fishing 15 years ago. One day I was just kinda tired of it, so I ceased.

August nights, August lights make for memorable moments at the ballpark

by Tom Coombe

Echo editor

From the Publisher by Nick Wognum

This is the first column I have written under the “From the Publisher” moniker.

Veterans’ Night at ballpark stirs memories, emotions

by Tom Coombe

Echo editor

Message to the Community

by Ely School Superintendent Anne Oelke

Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum

We’re past the middle of the year and likely the middle of summer as well.

Rants from the Relic - The Music House

by Doug Luthanen

Trout Whisperer - Bullseye

He is burning some fine whiskey, the aroma is very intoxicating, ribs receiving vapors as well.

Honor and Respect of “Old Glory”…

by Diana Mavetz Petrich

Graduation in Ely brings milestone moments

by Tom Coombe

Echo editor

Rants from the Relic - Prove It

Caution:  You might be exposed to a puff or two of sarcasm in the paragraphs that follow.

Through It All by God’s Grace…

by Diana Mavetz Petrich

Amid change, Track and Field Day carries on

by Tom Coombe

Echo editor

Rants from the Relic - 10 out of 12 columns

by Doug Luthanen

Trout Whisperer - Make mine diet, would ya?

When he is muttering to himself, something isn’t quite right.

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