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Essentia Health to open pharmacy in Ely

Essentia Health announced it will be bringing pharmacy services to Ely later this year.
“At Essentia Health, we are always looking for ways to better serve our patients,” said Kenzie Hohman, senior director of ambulatory care pharmacy at Essentia. “That includes providing service closer to home. Bringing an Essentia Health pharmacy to Ely aligns with that objective, and we’re excited to open by the end of 2021.”
The Essentia Health-Ely Pharmacy will be located in the new Zup’s Food Market (1500 E. Sheridan St.), which will open in the former Shopko building.
“While we would have liked to have the hospital move their pharmacy in with us they said at this time it just wasn’t in their best interest,” said Jim Zupancich. “The hospital made their decision not to do it and Essentia contacted us about the possibility of bringing their pharmacy to our grocery store. We welcome Essentia to our facility and look forward to working with them.”
Ely Bloomenson Community Hospital CEO Patti Banks said, “Historically, Ely has always had two pharmacies, and we understand that the community is best served by offering various options. Ely Community Pharmacy is still fully staffed and will continue to provide excellent service. We look forward to the possibility of collaborating with the new pharmacy and exploring areas of opportunity to better serve residents and visitors alike.”
Hours of operation for the Essentia pharmacy, which will feature a drive-through, have yet to be determined.
Essentia Health pharmacies offer: prescription and over-the-counter medications; medication management; specialty pharmacy services; monthly prescription service; online refill requests; mail delivery; local and home delivery; medication flavoring (limited locations); vaccines; custom medication packaging.

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