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Sunny skies, spring finally here?

Has there been a more difficult April to be in Ely?

Editorial: Symposium ignores Pagami facts will lessons ever be learned?

On April 13, at a symposium titled Pagami Creek Fire: Lessons Learned, the Forest Service failed to acknowledg

Letter: …finding me unresponsive and too far gone for emergency sugar

Letter to the Editor:

Missing in action: Spring season

We lost something this past week in Ely: Spring.

LETTER: …the upcoming drag event in Ely is a grooming event

Dear Editor:

Are drag shows harmless?

EDITORIAL: If Pagami is to be discussed, let’s make sure the facts are on the table

We’re coming up on a dozen years since the Pagami Fire burned over 92,000 acres in the Boundary Waters Canoe Area.

EDITORIAL: Movie being filmed here will be a shoulder season financial boost

Elsewhere in this week’s edition, you can read about one heck of a unique happening in Ely.

Bonding bill could be a boon for the area but it’s tied to Social Security

A pair of freshmen legislators from northeast Minnesota have found a way to bring home the bacon to their district.

Editorial: Happy Days change to a childrcare center helps solve community needs

What was once known as a nursery school will now by a childcare center.

LETTER:…you want a “prove it first” example of mining in a water rich environment?

Letter to the Editor:

State champ! Zoe Devine’s win highlights Ely’s sports successes

Tiny Ely is once again on the statewide sports map, thanks to an extraordinarily talented and undeniably dedicated hi

Letter: …clearly enjoying themselves at the theater and other locations around town

Dear Editor:

Letter: …Why is that these people should hole up in their houses and use these products?

To the Editor

They are not bears!

LETTER: …while I will be just fine without my job, 49 of my colleagues likely will not

Dear Editor,

When politics is at its worst

When the DFL party took control of the state House, Senate and Governor’s office in November, we were interested to s

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