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Letter: …it should allow more rural, remote residents to get connected than waiting for a larger community or township project to develop

Letter to the Editor,

Fun Run helps fill winter calendar

After a three year absence the annual winter event known as the Fun Run returns in 2023.

Editorial: Nursing home needs a lifeline

There are a few things, almost non-negotiables, that make Ely what it is and a viable place to live and work.

Editorial: New lawmakers, and a new era of cooperation? We sure hope so

If one follows national news or even paid attention to what occurred statewide and regionally during the recently com

Editorial: Give it back: Rebate checks should be part of any state surplus plan

Imagine this: a group of friends get together, and pool their resources to pay for something of common interest.

Editorial: History in the form of artwork is well worth saving at ISD 696

The Ely school board looks to be on board with saving historic and artistic murals that once adorned the walls in sch

Editorial: High school theater makes a return to Washington Auditorium

Over the course of the last several weeks much has been written and said, and deservedly so, about the success of Ely

Editorial: Volleyball trip to state capped an amazing fall - Ely should be proud

What a season! What a team!

LETTER: …we don’t attack someone for something their spouse does

Dear Editor,

LETTER:…expressed frustration over the situation and wanting to know what to do

Letter to the Editor:

Editorial: Government shouldn’t be a competitor

Over the years this newspaper has held firm on one tenet: Government has no business competing with private enterpris

Editorial: Another step forward for ambulance service

There aren’t any other entities where area elected officials would open their checkbooks twice in one year.

Editorial: Seventh annual Stone Stash is a fun event

Coming up Friday morning you may see folks looking for painted rocks in Ely.

Editorial: Bakk adds another wrinkle to suddenly competitive Senate and House campaigns

For the most part, elections for state legislature in our neck of the woods are usually drab, cut-and-dried affairs.<

EDITORIAL: Newspaper reporting and content have never been more relevant

by Brett Wesner, Chair
National Newspaper Association

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