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Fall events keep Ely rolling

The calendar has turned to late-September and October will be here within days.

Letter: …For us mining guys, we can only hope that our side gets a fair shake in the courts and that our lawyers prove to be every bit as clever as you.

Letter to the editor:
My Response to Becky Rom:

Letter: …come out and line the routes and cheer

To the Editor:

Editorial: Obituaries - a window into a lifetime

Obituaries are a window into a person’s lifetime and every time we read one we learn something new.

Three economic needs in Ely: Workforce, housing and childcare

Politicians like to say they will work to bring jobs to the Ely area.

Letter: Congratulations Ely Rotary Club

Congratulations Ely Rotary Club for 100 years of outstanding service to the community.

EDITORIAL: Facts over fear: Amid new hysteria, Covid data offers reassurance

With the rise of the Delta variant and news that cases of Covid-19 are climbing back up after an early-summer swoon,

EDITORIAL: Vendors persevered on their own

Vendors had buttoned up for the night in Whiteside Park before a fast moving wind storm wreaked havoc Friday night.

Letter: …we need to seek answers

To the Editor

LETTER : …the ER personnel were exceptional


Ely’s 4th of July celebration 2nd to none

With the world finally returning to normal it was good to see the town fill up for the annual July 4 celebration.

EDITORIAL: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder, even for a new logo on Ely’s water tower

Workers have been busy painting a new logo on the city water tower.

Editorial: Supporting local businesses means supporting local newspapers

by Dean Ridings, CEO, America’s Newspapers

EDITORIAL: Having public access on Burntside open to July 8 is welcome news

We love our lakes in the North Country and Burntside is right at the top of the list.

EDITORIAL : No help, no housing: Ely faces some monster challenges during busy summer

Right now it’s hard to determine what’s harder to find in Ely: an available, affordable place to live, or a table at

To those that say that we are in a time when there are no heroes – they just don’t know where to look

by David Merhar, Colonel (Ret) U.S. Army

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