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Trout Whisperer - It’s not funny, but it’s funny

He had been there twice last week, great ice, and for ice fishing, he had some extra good luck.

I said “OK.”

He says, “I’ll pick you up 3:30 a.m. sharp.”

I said, “If you know it so well, what’s the hurry.?

“We gotta stop at the bait shop, I can’t stand waiting, you get there after five, the parking lots jammed up, he doesn’t have any help, so it's just best.”

Again, I said “OK.”

The lot has no vehicles, there are no lights on in the building, it's five after five when the first truck pulls up, he’s waiting like us, by 5:30 a.m. there’s at least a dozen vehicles, there’d be more, but some folks evidently gave up and left.

At 6:17 a.m. Riley pulls up, gets out of his truck, unlocks the door, flips a switch, and he is descended upon. We’re eighth or ninth in line as Riley explains he had a flat tire, and had to have his neighbor come help him change it on the side of the road, in the dark, in the cold. What a way to start a Saturday, you could tell he wasn’t too happy.

I asked Riley if wanted me to put on the coffee, oh, that’d be a big help. Pretty sure my buddy’s head was about to explode before he got his turn to get an air pack of swimming hopefuls. And since we’re just waiting, I said “Riley, I’ll scoop, you just run the register.”

“Would ya?”

Sure, no problem. An hour later Riley was all caught up, he even gave us our minnows for free.

My pal has since resigned himself to the simple fact, things somehow don’t always go according to plan. He’s now done fussing, we are finally on our way.

He looks at his watch, he says, “It still just irks me so bad, I absolutely hate waiting, I had a plan.”

I burst out laughing, said, “Well I hope the walleyes don’t mind, because you’re doing it to them.”

- The Trout Whisperer

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