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VFW essay winner Lucy Luthens: A Helping Hand

Lucy Luthens

This is the winning essay for the VFW contest by Lucy Luthens, Washington Elementary sixth grader.

Do you like helping? Well, so does America! America inspires me to help and I will tell you a few reasons why. America inspires me to always lend a helping hand because it has an amazing military, it has many rights and freedoms, and it has the very caring and thoughtful American Red Cross.

First of all, America has an incredible military. Our military helps many other countries when they’re in need. The men and women who serve in the military are great, incredible, caring, and brave. They are the ones who give America all the freedoms that we have. They work so hard to help our country, other countries, and keep all people safe. This is why the military is very inspiring and amazing.

Next, we have many rights and freedoms. In America we have the freedom to attend school, vote, and do many other things that people around the world don’t get to do. The freedoms that we have in America help us to help other countries become free as well. We are so lucky to have all of the rights and freedoms we have.

Lastly, America has the wonderful American Red Cross. The Red Cross is an organization that helps people around the world when they need it. We are very lucky to have it in America. The Red Cross helps people when they are in trouble. Some examples of when they would help are after floods, hurricanes, or after any other natural disasters. They also help the military and their families whenever they need support and comfort. The people who work with the Red Cross are kind and caring. They give classes on all different kinds of topics such as first aid, CPR, and lifeguarding. Therefore, there is always someone nearby who can help you if you are in trouble. These are the reasons why we are fortunate to have the Red Cross in America.

In conclusion, America inspires me to always help other people because it has an amazing military, many freedoms and rights, and it also has the marvelous American Red Cross. Every morning I wake up and thank God for all the wonderful things that I have and that I get to do. America does so much for us. What can you do to help out around your house or around your community?

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