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Lekatz retires after 34-year career at Ely schools

Ely Echo - Staff Photo
FAMILIAR FACE RETIRING - Michele Lekatz retires after 34-year career at the Ely school district.

by Parker Loew

Long-time secretary of Washington Elementary, Michele Lekatz, has decided to retire after a 34-year career at Ely Public Schools.

Well known as the friendly face greeting you as you walk into the school, Lekatz says she has enjoyed her time working at the school with kids and teachers.

I love it, I still love it. When I started my kids were young, so it was really just the perfect place to be,” she said. “I stayed with it just because I love it so much. The parents, the kids, everything.”

Lekatz didn’t always work as the secretary for Washington Elementary and has had many different jobs during her career at the school.

“I was a member of the union starting in September of 1991. Before that, I was an aide in kindergarten for two years. Then I moved into being a computer aid back in the day when computers were really simple. Then I moved to the high school secretary position, and I was there around 18 years before moving to this position,” she said.

The school has undergone many changes since Lekatz began working 37 years ago, but the biggest for her was the construction project.

“The construction project was a huge change,” she said.

When asked about what her favorite memory is over her career, Lekatz couldn’t think of one specific memory that stood out from the rest.

“There’s been so many. It’s the kids that I’m going to really miss the most, and all my coworkers.

“It was a really hard decision for me because I still really enjoy it,” she said. “I can’t believe this is going to be in the paper. It’s a small town.”

Lekatz was very thankful for everybody she has worked with over the years.

“Thank you to everybody who’s made it such an enjoyable career for all these years,” she said.

While she expects to travel and visit her granddaughter more frequently in her retirement, Lekatz says there is a chance she will come back at some point to be a substitute.


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