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LET: …thank you, thank you, every one of you

Dear Editor,
Coming home Sunday from a windy paddle on Ojibway Lake with friends, we found a fire truck on So. Luc Road and another at our cabin on Garden Lake.
Brian Tome (Boathouse BrewPub) going by in a fishing boat, spotted smoke, called in the fire, came up to the cabin and used our garden hose to keep it off the back wall. Thank you Brian!
By the time we reached home several fire fighters were there dousing flames that had sprung up all over behind the cabin.
Some firefighters were from Morse and Fall Lake Township and several from the U.S. Forest Service, and there may have been others. Thank you fire fighters!
Sheriffs’ officers (Lake or St Louis County?) and Forest Service law enforcement and fire superintendents were all here at one point or another and were all kind and careful trying to diagnose the cause. Thank you Sheriffs and U.S. Forest Service!
The cause remains a mystery, but the cure is apparent. These competent, caring, public servants were very good at their jobs and went to the max to help us.
Thank you, thank you, every one of you, and sorry that all we had to sustain you were chocolate bars stored in the pantry for smores.
Carolyn Chalmers and Eric Janus
Ely, NN

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