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Letter: ....Call, or ask your neighbor from six feet away, how you can help each other

My Ely area neighbors..
These trying time we find ourselves in are just beginning. We up here are rightfully thought of as a friendly caring community. This time of crisis, which will last for quite a while it appears, is going to give us a chance to prove those thoughts.
It’s been brought to my attention of hoarding of products, and people coming from outside the area to shop at our stores for necessities. The Star Tribune published an article on Saturday March 21st mentioning this phenomenon. I don’t know whether to be proud or worried if people are coming up north to “avoid” the coming catastrophe.
I think my main concern is the thought whether from up here, visiting or in between, hoarding food, toilet paper, and any other product is blatantly wrong.
All the reputable news outlets on both sides of the political aisle have stated food isn’t going to run out. I actually saw a website to calculate how long a roll of toilet paper will last.
C’mon folks, lets get perspective. Maybe the Echo should get stories from our citizens that grew up during the Great Depression, or those that came here from the old country during the horrors’ of WW II. Ask our war veterans that spent time in Korea, Vietnam, and S.E. Asia.
I bet of those groups could tell you that running out of toilet paper might not be the most important topic of the day. They also can tell you life will go on if you don’t have three-ply paper, or exactly the food you want to eat. Perspective..Don’t over-react, nor under-react. Those rules, suggestions, and regulations that are being put out there are for ALL our good.
And “Yes” if you wonder if this means you…the answer is yes.
Many of us, religious or not know the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.”
This is the absolute best time in most of our lives to practice all those old sayings and quotes we grew up with.
It’s nice to see on the local Facebook groups people trying to organize how to help their neighbors. Great, that’s Ely, now put it into action. Call, or ask your neighbor from six feet away, how you can help each other. Let’s take care of our elderly, sick, heck, anyone, it’s all needed. Now to conclude, if you don’t, wont, or cant help, don’t be a harm or a hindrance. Don’t hoard, Follow the rules and regulations put out there for us all.
I honestly feel if its Humanity vs. Novel Corona-19, we will win. But if it’s Humanity vs. Humanity + Novel Corona-19, we can never win, do the math.
None of us are going to cure the virus, be we can cure the societal problems that could erupt because of the virus.
I pledge to help in anyway I can. If anyone is interested in helping on a larger scale outside the area please contact me or any other local
Team Rubicon member.
Actions speak louder than words.
Be safe,
Michael Pope
Ely, MN

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