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Letter: …come out and line the routes and cheer

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To the Editor:
I’ve run or skied over a hundred citizen races over the years, mostly marathon length, mostly in the middle or back of the pack. And I can testify to the huge lift that comes from the cheering spectators and musical entertainment groups along the course.
They give encouragement to keep going while distracting from focusing on the pain. But I can’t run anymore. So that’s why I’ll again be playing my tuba for all the runners during the 5K Glow Run (Friday evening, Sept. 23) and toward the end of the 8,390 Rod Ely Marathon & Half-Marathon (Saturday, Sept. 24).
I also know that participants return year after year to such events if they’ve had a good time, were well treated, and enjoyed a party atmosphere.
So, come out and line the routes and cheer; then make your way to the Whiteside Park finish line parties and cheer some more.
Bring your cowbells, musical instruments and noisemakers and yell “You’re doing great!” at the top of your voice.
If you show up, you and all the other spectators will not only have fun but will be helping to attract more and more spectators and participants to come each fall for Ely’s race weekend (which supports Ely’s economy).
Elton Brown
Morse Township

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