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Letter: Congratulations Ely Rotary Club

Congratulations Ely Rotary Club for 100 years of outstanding service to the community.
I was fortunate to join the club in 1986 during a brief stint as editor of the Ely Miner. For the next fourteen years I enjoyed many friendships and interesting community and international projects. A major highlight was working on the first Ely Radio Auction (plus many more). Our first female Rotarian was Jeane Larson, Executive Director of the Ely Chamber of Commerce and owner of WELY. The club was in need of a major fund raiser and thanks to Jeane, the Rotary Radio Auction was born. Many wonderful years were spent with fellow Rotarian’s; Woods Davis, Bill and John Mills (good luck in your retirement, John), Jack Garske and many more Rotarian’s working on the auction.
It is so good to know the auction continues to thrive.
I am happy to report I’m still active in Rotary and wish the Ely Rotary many more years of fun, fellowship and community service.
Yours in Rotary,
Jim Rusk
Green Valley, AZ

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