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LETTER: …the cult-like following of the President by ordinarily sensible people

Dear Editor:
As it nears the election we the People find ourselves, most of us, wondering how things will go on Election Day. Considering the division we face between the left and right, this is a serious time for all of the country.
As the virus looms, the economy plummets, the climate produces destruction, politicians create their own divisionism, loss of the world’s respect - we the People are faced with madness at the top. The lies, lack of concern for the dying, misuse of power and pubic resources, voter suppression, manipulation of the courts, and threat to Social Security, all disturbing to say the least, and downright frightening.
What is of even more concern, as it has been since the 2016 election, is the cult-like following of the President by ordinarily sensible people. When asking those who are of this ilk why, they say they don’t necessarily approve of the adultery, draft dodging, lying - the list is widely known – but they like his policies, the way he has helped business, and his opposition to abortion. For true believers, are words of hate toward women, gays, and minorities Christian-like? Something is wrong here, very wrong.
Some will claim that I am only getting my information from one side, the liberal side.
This is not the case and I fear they are only getting their information as they say I am, because, surely, surely they don’t wish to be led by someone of such poor character and recklessness! Such irrational behavior will bring disastrous results if our country is subjected to another four years of partisan leadership driven by madness.
How can we the people believe that it is right for one of the two major parties to gridlock the Senate and House actions, to dominate the courts? In just four years what has become of the division of power, the safeguard of our nation? How can we choose to be dictated to by someone who feels no compassion for thousands of families who’ve lost their closest relatives? And especially, how can we choose to follow, with blind faith, someone who is so very self serving and dishonest?
It is time to give some very deep thought to what we desire in leadership. Do we want the country to be driven into the ground by the power-hungry because of our personal religious beliefs or business interests? If so we shall soon see the results of such mindless thinking; well, we already are.
Cecilia Rolando
Ely, MN

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