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LETTER: ... Did Frank Stupnik make these snow shoes and when?

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Dear Editor,
My name is Mike Gavan, I’m 39 years old and live in Midhirst in Taranaki, New Zealand, with my four children and gorgeous wife.
About two weeks ago I was visiting my wife in her second hand shop when I came across a small pair of delicately made snow shoes about 8 inches tall.
On closer examination I found the name Frank Stupnik, Ely, Minn written on the bottom side of one of the tiny snow shoes.
I couldn’t help but wonder who had made these snow shoes and how they had made their way to the other side of our planet to make it to my wife’s second hand shop.
My wife said they were a handed in donation and therefore could not be traced, so here I am, looking in the only place to look, Ely, Minnesota.
I would like to know who Frank was? Did Frank Stupnik make these snow shoes and when? Also, does he still have family in Ely or the surrounding area as I think it would be nice to send them back to Frank or his family, or just maybe figure out how they travelled so far!
Maybe these are the world’s furthest traveled snow shoes?
Maybe you can help?
Mike Gavan
Taranaki, New Zealand

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