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Letter: ..people step-up and show a can-do attitude

In these most trying times for all of us, I have seen many people step-up and show a can-do attitude.
City of Ely staff have kept our community going despite the new challenges of each of their duties.
I am very proud of all of them, but today, I want to publicly acknowledge the way Casey Velchef has ensured the smoothest possible operation of the City’s virtual meetings.
A month ago, I am not sure anyone would have even considered what we are doing today.
Seeing the way things had to change, Harold Langowski, Casey Velchef, Jim Robbins and Mauro Caruso got together and came up with a system to allow this.
All over our world, people adapt in ways we never fathomed they would need to. I salute all of you. Hang in there.
I look forward to the day we can say: “Wow, those were crazy times – I’m so proud of the way we worked together to get through it. What a great community we have!”
May God bless you all.
Al Forsman
Ely, MN

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