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LETTER: … with some of the greatest achievements man has accomplished

Dear Editor,
This undoubtedly will go down in history to be one of the most unusual years in history.
We have experienced hero’s play their parts with selflessness and kindness for their fellow man.
We have joined in unity and prevailed to feed our hungry.
We have rallied with full and open hearts for our beloved workers who take care of our human needs and who keep this great country running smooth.
We have experienced all the emotions that have been all so defined and yet stand steadfast and share relief with our family and friends.
Like sports, tests and jobs there will always be an end goal to achieve, with the great feeling that we’ve done our best and those accomplishments will take us forward to a New Year with some of the greatest achievements man has accomplished.
These people of the United States will always be the front runners for caring, kindness and giving to our small little world - earth that we live on.
Thanks to all our worker bee’s for exceeding one’s expectations and a special thanks for our service men and women who keep us safe in these United States.
On a quizzical note, I heard through the grapevine that around the end of March addition of the Boundary Waters Journal within the merchandise section they will offer a Steve Piragis bobble head with a miners cap on, who knew with proceeds going to the IRRR mining resource funds.
To all have a wonderful Christmas and joyful New Year,
Tom Cooper
Ely, MN

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