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LETTER: …the upcoming drag event in Ely is a grooming event

Dear Editor:

Are drag shows harmless?

The Bible tells us that God made man in His own image. We are told that image involved making man both male and female (Genesis 1:27). The ideology of drag is an assault upon the image of God in man.

Drag is an anti-God ideology that is seeking to corrupt the glory of being a female. Womanhood is being mocked by men dressed up like female prostitutes and grotesquely parading themselves in front of children.

Drag is an assault upon the glory of womanhood by mocking them with an oversexualized, perverted performance by men. It is really “blackface” for women. We rightly understand that blackface has been used to mock people of color, why do we not see that drag is a similar mocking of women by men?

What decent woman wears what drag queens wear and struts around in sexually perverted ways in public and in front of children? Who does that?

The ultimate end of drag ideology is the sexual grooming of children. You have a man dressed as a freaky prostitute being sexually gross in front of children and even calling them to participate in the event? In what universe is that not sexually grooming children? The final goal of drag is to come for your children in a sexually perverted manner.

The upcoming drag event in Ely is a grooming event. Someone has rightly labeled drag queens as “Groomer Clowns.”  They are perverted men clowning as women in order to sexually groom children.

Why is there no Amish drag? Why do men not dress up like Amish women? The answer is these men are looking to sexualize women and children in a manner that the modest dress of Amish women would not permit.

Also why is there no female version of drag? Why are there not drag kings? Why are women not dressing up as men in some sexually perverted way and in front of children? Part of the answer is that drag queens are a unique way in which men are seeking to destroy true womanhood. Drag queens are men who hate women and mock the sexuality of women in a way that a woman cannot do in return. The insanity of this is that many women attend drag shows, even with their children. Why do these women hate themselves so much?

But thankfully there are many women who are wise to the evil of drag. They understand that if allowed to continue it is the end of womanhood, and they realize that these ideologies are also coming for our children. The end game of it all is to destroy men and women and abuse children.

What is the answer? We must acknowledge the creational norms by which God has made us male and female. Both men and women uniquely and gloriously display the image of God. We must see that a rejection of our maleness or femaleness is an assault upon that image.  The answer is repentance and faith in Christ to forgive this rebellion. His forgiveness comes by his death for sin. The answer is to acknowledge that these sins can be forgiven in Christ whose death is sufficient for every sin.

His mercies are wide, and no one is outside of His power to save. Our nation has embraced its own death in sexually corrupt ideologies, but God yet offers grace and hope to rescue us from our own destruction. The Gospel is the only answer to man’s rebellion. We must look to Christ to pay for our sin with His death and to give to us His perfect righteousness- all by faith alone.

Our culture is at a crossroads between life and death. One way is to follow these ideologies and die under the consequences of rejecting God. The other will be to turn in repentance and faith and look to Christ. Which way western man and woman?

Bob Dalberg

Ely, MN

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