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Letter: …Why is that these people should hole up in their houses and use these products?

To the Editor

They are not bears!

There seems to be quite the debate over the sale of cannabinoid products in Ely.

Let me start by saying I was against cannabinoids and a skeptic for many, many years until I did my own research.

First off, they rarely if ever come in the shape of bears, so let’s stop referring to them as “gummie bears” and instead just edibles.

There is a concern over the marketing and packaging of the products looking like something a toddler would eat.

But I ask, do we have that same concern over the numerous alcohol products lining the shelves of the local liquor stores??

I say go take a look, heck Mt. Dew made an alcohol version that looked just like the regular one.

We put trust in the adults for this with alcohol so I think we can do the same with cannibinoid products. A majority of the customers that frequent these establishments are middle age looking for relief for various different aches and ailments. People get more relief from these products than they may from the use of ibuprofen or Tylenol.

Products range from tinctures to creams and ointments…not just edibles.

I can speak very highly of the gentlemen who proposed a lounge business here in Ely, I think we missed the boat on that one!!! He and his wife are very knowledgeable and helpful to direct you to the right product to aide you in your health.

The idea of a lounge type setting would have been so nice for those that don’t like the bar scene, to sit down with friends or family and chat over a ice cold infused beverage. Sound familiar? Like the many bars lining the streets of Ely where we have no problem with serving alcoholic beverages and then it becomes the individuals responsibility to make the right decision.

If they do not and they get behind the wheel and drive it becomes a legality issue at that point. Again, this is where it is the individuals responsibility to make the right choice.

Now let’s talk about why people use these products, the list is huge, but here is a brief list of some; anxiety, pain management, glaucoma, arthritis pain management, chemotherapy side effects, insomnia and sleep disturbances, neuropathy pain, and the list goes on and on.

People are using them right now in this city and not having a retail or on sale location is not going to stop them! They use them so they can live a normal life and it may be the only way they can make it through the day. It may be how that family member can make it to the large family event (anxiety) or how they can just be present with their family after chemotherapy.

Why is that these people should hole up in their houses and use these products?

I encourage the council to do some real research and rid themselves of a stereotype that somehow surrounds the people and the use of the these products.

Terri Pylka

Babbitt, MN

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