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LETTER:…for bringing the issue to our attention

I read your recent editorial on BW rescues. As a Chicagoan who looks forward to our BW trip every summer, and who loves the town of Ely, we were surprised to read that this is a group of volunteers who are often called on to put their lives on the line to rescue victims of life-threatening accidents as well as naive fools.
Is there a source of additional information on the volunteer rescue group(s)? Do they accept donations for their organization? And is there an entity we can write to, or a petition to sign in support of adding a fee onto every permit issued? Our family pulls one or two permits every year, and we would fully support such an initiative and would love to back the idea in any way we can.
Thank you for the editorial, and for bringing the issue to our attention.
Pamela Berger
Chicago, IL

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