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LETTER:…if it seems to good to be true

Dear Editor:
The St. Louis County Sheriff’s office would like to remind everyone to be cautious with unknown callers and emails requesting money or personal information.
With stimulus money being given to citizens, we are seeing an up swing in scam phone calls and emails.
These scammers are preying upon unknowing and trusting individuals seeking personal information and making requests of them.
Some examples of these scams are asking individuals to purchase gift cards on the promise to put money into their accounts, fix a computer problem, social security issue, or to avoid incarceration.
Others go as far as posing as a family member who is in jail and needing assistance with bail money. If you do not recognize the phone number do not answer it and please do not share or furnish any information to them over the phone or via email. If it seems too good to be true, it almost certainly is.
Carefully look over your emails and do not respond to any you are not expecting or cannot verify. The best option is to avoid opening the email and delete it and do not click on any hyperlink associated with the email.
The Sheriff’s office would like everyone remain vigilant and watch for these scams among friends and family and to report any suspicious activity. Thank you and be safe!
Lt. Nate Skelton

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