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A life lost so young hits the community right in the heart

The Ely community was in mourning on Thursday after a car crash resulted in the loss of one of our young people.
Jacob Forsman, 21, died when he exited the vehicle and came into contact with a live electrical wire, according to the St. Louis County Sheriff’s Department.
The accident occurred just outside of town on a sharp corner on Hwy. 21 near Moss Ridge Road.
We’ve had our share of car accidents and lives lost over the years. Each one brings with it hurt and heartache, feelings of loss and sorrow. We struggle with these as we think of the life taken too soon and the pain felt by family and loved ones.
We feel that pain as well. In a small town we have connections to those directly affected. It may be as a friend, a co-worker, a classmate, a city council member or a friendly face. It still hurts.
In the coming days we will find ways to reach out and offer comfort to the family. We’ll keep an eye on our family and friends as well, to make sure they find a way to cope with loss and heavy hearts.
There’s something else we can do as well. We can take time to be grateful of the life we have and the people we share it with. Maybe it’s just a kind word, maybe it’s a hug or just taking the time to let them know we care. Better to do it now than to have tragedy strike and wish we would have.
Waking up to this news Thursday morning was not expected. Our hearts and minds struggle to comprehend the whys and the final reality. Many will turn to faith to help them get through this. Our churches and our ministers are always ready to help us understand the bigger plan.
As a community we will persevere and we will find ways to let time, love and compassion heal the pain. A life lost so young hits the community right in the heart.

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