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Longtime firefighter and chiropractor in Ely area will release debut single

Rob Mattson’s debut single, “Kinda Pretty Good (Ain’t Too Bad),” will be released on all platforms on Dec. 29.

by Parker Loew

Some may know him as a volunteer firefighter, others as a local chiropractor. What they may not know are his musical talents.

Rob Mattson’s debut single, ‘Kinda Pretty Good (Ain’t Too Bad)’, will be released on all platforms on Dec. 29.

The catchy song was inspired by what Mattson encountered in everyday conversations, and how he saw that people never really tell the truth about how they feel.

For those who hear the song, he hopes it speaks to them in some way, shape, or form.

“It talks about the mundane everyday conversations we have with people,” said Mattson. “It’s a song about what’s really going on without speaking the truth. It’s something that we run across every day, but underneath people might be hurting, or people might be lonely.”

Since Mattson retired from the Eagles Nest Fire Department, where he served for 30 years and attained the rank of assistant chief, and stepped down as the sports chiropractor for the Ely boys basketball team, in which he worked for 24 years, he has been writing and developing original music.

“People are wondering why I waited this long to release the song, but family came first, and my job(s) were always pretty busy,” he said.

With his newfound spare time, Mattson has turned to his passion for writing and producing original music.

This is now a new hobby for Mattson, as he has been playing different instruments since he was a child.

“I grew up in a family of musicians,” he said. “I was first handed a guitar when I was five years old.”

His long history of playing different instruments growing up and coming from a family of musicians has given him an ear for music.

“I think over the years of listening to music and playing music, I know a good hook when I hear one,” he said. “When I think of something that could be good, I record it quickly on my phone. If I have a melody that comes out, I make sure I get that idea down quickly.”

Mattson’s drive to create music stems from a simple, yet wholesome desire to have fun, and help people.

“If somebody needs help, I’m going to lend a hand,” he said. “I do it to have fun. I do it to reach out to people and I’ll be doing that until the day I die.”

His debut single, ‘Kinda Pretty Good (Ain’t Too Bad)’, was recorded in his home studio, and the drums, bass guitar, acoustic guitar, electric guitar, steel guitar, lead vocals, and backup harmony were all done by Mattson.

“It’s all me,” he said.

Mattson doesn’t plan on slowing down anytime soon when it comes to producing original music and has a lineup ready to go for future releases.

“After this single release here coming up on December 29th, I’ve got another 20, 25 songs in the works which will soon be ready to be released,” he said.

For Spotify users, there is an immediate pre-save link that can be found at which will download the song to the user’s Spotify app on the release date.

For Mattson’s next release, he has a song he is working on along the lines of “Cars and Guitars, or something like that” which he will release when he feels the song is ready.

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