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Missing in action: Spring season

We lost something this past week in Ely: Spring. From snow still being measured by the foot on the weekend to people wearing shorts when the temps climbed past 70 on Wednesday.

That spring is going to be very abbreviated is probably a good thing. It was a long winter with snow on the ground starting in mid-November and hanging on until at least mid-April, that’s five solid months of winter.

And we may not be done yet, as one of the folks Pam talked to in this week’s o’clock remembered, we can get two feet of snow in May. Let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

A fast melt can create flooding problems, something that happened last year both north and south of us. It is amazing to watch snow disappear, though, even better when it doesn’t create problems of high water levels, washed out roads and flooded basements.

So if you had to shovel your deck to find the BBQ grill on Easter, you might be disappointed it would have all melted a few days later. Then again, if you’re deck still has snow by the foot, the shoveling was worth it.

Summer will soon be here and our little town will take a step up in hustle and bustle. Folks will come back to their summer homes and others will drive up for their canoe trip or resort stay.

Bring it on Mother Nature, we’re ready!

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