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Mushing centurion Kollar teaches “Dogsledding 101” at funding event for BWCC

Three years ago, Wintergreen Lodge (famous for its “Dogsledding Diplomas”) presented a ‘Bachelor’s Degree’ to Barbara Kollar for sledding on her 98th birthday.

On her 99th birthday, she sledded a more adventurous woodland trail and endured two solo stints (unplanned) and so was granted her ‘Masters Degree.’ For her 100th birthday last February, she achieved her PhD (‘Doctorate of the Pulling Hounds’).

This past week she celebrates ‘birthday 101’ and, appropriately, will be teaching Wintergreen’s “Dogsledding 101” primer as part of her “post-doc” credentials.

Her student: Adam Masloski, Executive Director of the Boundary Waters Care Center where Barb is a resident.

“He’s a complete beginner to mushing but it looks like he’s got some potential,” said Barb.

“Barb takes the cake as our oldest musher ever,” said Wintergreen director Paul Schurke. “Adam greatly enjoyed dogsledding and learning from Barbara as part of her “post-doc” achievements.”

This event supports the Boundary Waters Care Center where Barb is a resident. A donor will match all donations up to $2,000 honoring Barb’s “Mushing Match” campaign.

Tax-deductible gifts can be sent to: BWCC, 200 West Conan, Ely.

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