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Nelson and Baltich to face off at Fall Lake town hall

On Oct. 24 at 6 p.m., the Ely Echo will host Lake County Commissioner candidates Jack Nelson and Joe Baltich for a debate at the Fall Lake town hall.

During the primary election, Nelson garnered a convincing 124 votes, with Baltich coming in second with 100 votes.

Baltich was originally tied for second place with Colby Abazs in the primaries after an initial count but secured the second-place finish after an Aug. 8 recount.

The special election was held because the district one seat was vacated by the death of longtime Commissioner Pete Walsh, 68, of Finland, on Jan. 19.

Baltich, a former Ely mayor and city council member, racked up the bulk of his vote total in Fall Lake during the primaries and will have home turf for the debate on Oct. 24.

Nelson, however, will have the most to gain and hopes to turn some of the voters he lost to Baltich during the primaries.

Among the topics discussed at the debate will likely be mining, housing and commerce.

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