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New hardware store opening on Sheridan Street

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by Nick Wognum

The owners of KJ’s True Value, Jay Poshak and Jackie Bregler-Poshak, plan on opening the new hardware store sometime in the next two to three weeks if everything goes well.

Jay’s parents, Jerry and Linda Poshak, started in the hardware business in 1976 on Chapman Street.

Jay and Jackie purchased the business from his parents and have run it since. They plan to continue running the hardware store on Chapman Street but want to focus more on niche markets such as crafts, household goods and furniture.

Jay and Jackie have looked toward expanding the business for awhile now. That opportunity came when the old Zup’s grocery store building went up for sale. Jackie knew, “That’s where we need to be.”

KJ’s True Value is three times bigger than J&L Rental & Hardware Hank and will allow ample room for new products and expanded services.

The couple plans on carrying more tires and expanding into the rental business. They also want to sell more workwear, clothing and sporting goods.

Jay and Jackie are longtime Ely residents. Jay was born and raised in Ely, and Jackie has lived here for eight years.

When asked what their favorite part of working in Ely is, Jay responded, “It’s about helping the community, I mean, the community can’t succeed without all of us, and we can’t succeed without them.”

Jackie added, “You know who you’re dealing with, you’re bringing them something.”

The couple looks forward to serving Ely hardware needs for the foreseeable future.

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