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Ely to Arendelle

Mayoral proclamation made in advance of HS musical Frozen

by Tom Coombe

Snow or no, Fun Run a go

 Annual snowmobile event and fundraiser will proceed as planned Feb. 3

by Tom Coombe

Pulsar Helium project discussed with Babbitt council

by Parker Loew

Ely Film Festival preparing for February, looking for hosts

by Parker Loew

Wisocki placed on unpaid administrative leave by Bois Forte Tribal Council

The Wilderness at Fortune Bay Manager Joseph Wisocki IV has been placed on unpaid administrative leave after being ch

Frustration builds over BWCA permit system, outfitters suggest an alternative

by Parker Loew

Range first, politics second

Lawmakers tout bipartisan effort, funding success at annual Ely session

Major helium deposit discovered

by Parker Loew

Become a cop, receive a canoe

Amid hiring crisis, city adopts unique plan to lure, retain officers

by Tom Coombe

Ely hospital shows growth

Big jumps in surgery, radiology help result in a profitable year

by Tom Coombe

Work starts on Happy Days child care center

Construction is underway at a building in Ely’s business park - one that will soon be transformed into a child care f

Ely’s restaurant dilemma

by Tom Coombe

Treehouse applying for grants for $1.8 million broadband project

by Parker Loew

Child care a key challenge

Hauschild meets with stakeholders, identifies issues during Ely forum


Dog attacked by three wolves up Cloquet Line

by Parker Loew

Fall Lake board hears from new Lake County commissioner Baltich

by Nancy McReady

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