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Special Meeting May 19, 2022

(Board approved 6/15/2022)

1.0 The special meeting of the School Board of Independent School District No. 696 was called to order in the Board Meeting Room at 4:30 p.m. by Chairman Marsnik.
2.0 On roll call the following directors were present: Colarich, Coombe, Davis, Marsnik, Omerza. Absent: Sjoberg. Also in attendance: John Klarich, Interim Superintendent; Megan Anderson, 6-12 Principal; Tom Coombe, Ely Echo.
3.0 Moved by Colarich, seconded by Omerza, to adopt Resolution to Expel Student “X-1” for a Period of Twelve Months. Yes: Colarich, Coombe, Davis, Marsnik, Omerza. No: None. Absent: Sjoberg. Motion carried. (Vote: 5-0)
4.0 Moved by Colarich, seconded by Coombe to adjourn at 4:36 p.m. Motion carried. (Vote: 5-0)

Rochelle Sjoberg, Clerk

Ely Echo 6/18/2022


School Board Meeting Minutes May 23, 2022

1.0 The regular meeting of the School Board of Independent School District No. 696 was called to order in the Board Meeting Room at 6:00 p.m. by Chairman Marsnik.
2.0 On roll call the following directors were present: Colarich, Coombe, Davis, Marsnik, Omerza, Sjoberg. Also in attendance: John Klarich, Interim Superintendent; Anne Oelke; Megan Anderson; Tim Leeson; Tom Coombe, Ely Echo; Keith Vandervort, Timberjay.
3.0 Pledge of Allegiance
4.0 Approval of Agenda:
4.1 Moved by Sjoberg, seconded by Colarich, to approve the agenda as presented. Motion carried. (Vote: 6-0)
5.0 Open Forum: None at this meeting
6.0 Correspondence/Informational Items:
6.1 Q Comp Annual Report
7.0 Consent Agenda:
7.a Moved by Colarich, seconded by Omerza, to approve the following Program Consent Agenda:
7.a.1 Approved to reimburse the Ely Track Club for participation fees in the amount of $1,336.25.
Motion carried. (Vote: 6-0)




Mable Mary Jennrich

Mable Mary Jennrich (Mary) (Lulu) of Plymouth, passed away on June 13, 2022 at the age of 75. Mary was born July 13, 1946 in Tomahawk, Wisconsin to William and Mary Scott. When Mary was two, she and her family moved to Ely, Minnesota. She lost both her parents by the age of 10 and was raised by her beloved sister and brother In-law Rosie and Donald Hoover. Forever thereafter, Rosie and Mary had a very special bond.


Roy H. Soderberg

Roy H. Soderberg, age 95 ½, died Friday, June 10, 2022 after a brief stay at Vermilion Senior Living in Tower. He was born December 4, 1926 in Soudan, the youngest of 12 children born to Chas and Signe Soderberg. Roy was a graduate of Tower-Soudan Highschool, Class of 1944. He proudly served his country in the United States Navy from 1944 until 1946. Roy was employed by the Soudan Underground Mine, the Pioneer Mine in Ely and Minntac. He was a member of the VFW, Elks, Masons, NRA, Ducks Unlimited, the Tower-Soudan Old Settlers, Stuntz Bay Association, and many other local organizations. But Roy was best known for his love of flying. As an avid hunter and fisherman, he would fly his plane to many remote lakes in Ontario for lake trout, Saskatchewan for ducks and geese, and South Dakota for pheasant. He knew Lake Vermilion like the back of his hand. No one could filet a fish like Roy, skill he passed on to his nephews.


Bois Forte Band regains historic tribal land

The Bois Forte Band of the Minnesota Chippewa Tribe, in partnership with The Conservation Fund and the Indian Land Tenure Foundation, announced the completed purchase of land that restores to the Band more than 28,000 acres of land within the Nett Lake and Deer Creek sectors of the Bois Forte Reservation.
The Band’s acquisition of 28,089 acres previously held by timberland owner and lumber manufacturer PotlatchDeltic Corporation constitutes the largest restoration of land since the Nett Lake and Deer Creek sectors of the Bois Forte Reservation were established in Minnesota under the Treaty of 1866. Plans are underway for the Band to directly manage the restored lands under a forest management plan that emphasizes conservation and environmental protection balanced with economic and cultural benefits to the Band and its members.


Ely grads “ready to soar”

by Tom Coombe
Before diverging on an array of educational and career paths, Ely’s high school graduating class gathered one last time to reflect and celebrate.
Commencement ceremonies for the Class of 2022 were held June 3 at Veterans Memorial Field, with 29 of the 30 graduates taking part before an audience of hundreds at the historic ballpark.
It was a far more typical affair than the 2021 graduation held in the same venue, and much more “normal” than the arena parking lot graduation held at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic two years ago.
A series of speakers looked back and ahead, offering memories and advice for a group that achieved much during their years in the Ely school system.
Principal Megan Anderson saluted the parents of the graduates, telling them “You’ve raised some pretty amazing young men and women. All too quickly these kids have grown up and now they’re ready to soar.”


Editorial: Time to reverse a troubling population trend in Ely

The once every 10-year count is complete, and once again the U.S. Census shows that Ely has fewer people living here than it did a decade prior.
How many fewer? 251, according to the 2020 Census numbers reviewed by the city council on Tuesday night.
That brings Ely’s current population down to 3,209. While a seven percent drop may not be ominous on its own, it’s part of a more disturbing long-term trend that should make anyone concerned about the health of our community.
In 1990, just over 30 years ago, population in Ely was just a shade under 4,000. It dipped to roughly 3,700 by 2000 and again to 3,460 in the 2010 census.
Take another 251 people away this time around and we’re just a shade over 3,200.
What does this portend for Ely’s future?
Will we slide under 3,000 by the time 2030 rolls around? That’s the direction we are heading.
And when, if ever, does it bottom out? At 3,000? 2,500? 2,000?


Visser wins 7A discus title

UPDATE: Ande Visser placed 10th in discus at the State Class A Girls Track Meet with a personal best throw of 108-8.


Study Session Meeting Ely City Hall May 31, 2022

Study Session Meeting – Council Chambers,
Ely City Hall
May 31, 2022 at 6:30pm

Mayor Skraba called the study session to order at 6:30pm in the Council Chambers.

PRESENT: Council Members A.Forsman, Kess, Debeltz, Omerza, Callen, Campbell and Mayor Skraba.
Also Present: Building Official Whitney, Planning and Zoning Administrator Huberty, Planning and Zoning members Hernesmaa, and Caruso, Clerk/Treasurer Langowski, and Attorney Klun



Short Term and Long Term Rentals – Updated Ordinance and Inspection Checklist


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