Mobilia hits Hole-In-One on #4 of Ely Golf Course

from roving golf reporter Lolita Schnitzius
Friday, May 19, 2017, was a day to remember by one of Ely’s golfers. “Mr.” Dick Mobilia, a born and raised Elyite, was playing golf at the Ely Golf Course with friends. He is a fairly “new” golfer, having taken it up only since retirement in 2000. Like many retirees, Dick looked for something to do after those many years of he “jumped in” to the golf routine...something to do outside and supposedly “fun” to do with friends.
On this particular day, Dick was playing golf with Jim Folz, John Perushek and Dave Streit. It had become a daily routine...depending on the weather...and the group knew how to “have fun”...or at least that’s what most golfers tell themselves! The foursome had reached Hole #4, a Par 3, and also one of the most difficult holes on the course, since the golfer has to drive off a “cliff” and aim at #4 green below, and slightly to the left of the driving area.
Dick was using a Calloway #7 he “drove” off the tee box with his club. This reporter doesn’t know what chit-chat was going on...or how much fun the group was having at this time...but after the drive, the group moved off the tee-area and went back down to level ground and over to the #4 green.
From what this “reporter” heard, no one knew exactly where Dick’s ball had’s difficult seeing specifics off the cliff, especially where the likes of a small golf ball has nestled down amidst the water hazard, greenery and grass.
Upon reaching the #4 green area, Dick commenced to look for his ball, which didn’t seem to be anywhere in sight.
However, finally, looking in the hole, there was the trusty Calloway golf ball Dick had indeed driven off the cliff, and which then made its way into the #4 hole!
The reader can assume that there was much commentary going back and forth among the golfers who had witnessed this feat...not to mention the overwhelming glee of the golfer, Mr. Dick Mobilia!
In the commentary Mr. Mobilia made to this reporter relative to this very happy occurrence was “I had to buy the drinks!”
From the golfing community, and all of Ely, CONGRATULATIONS, DICK, for a wonderful hole in one...a great game...and showing us all the way to participate...have fun...and enjoy the challenges and beauty of the Ely Golf Course!