County 88 bridge now open - Friday at 7 PM

Highway 88 and new bridge opened this evening west of Ely

NOW OPEN - The new bridge on Highway 88 over the river was a busy place last week as construction continued before Friday's re-opening. Photo by Bill Erzar.

Construction is done for the season and the new bridge is expected to open around 7 p.m. this evening, October 13, on County State Aid Highway 88 (Grant McMahon Boulevard) west of Ely. A new 105-foot concrete slab span bridge now crosses the Burntside River, in place of a nearly 80-year-old bridge that had been subject to weight limitations.

The road reopening comes two weeks earlier than estimated. Engineers had condensed the construction schedule, and financial incentives were included in the project contract to minimize the inconvenience for motorists who typically travel this route.

The bridge and road will need to re-close for approximately three weeks next spring, from May 21 to June 9, 2018, for the final road paving, bridge painting, installation of the bridge concrete wearing course, pavement markings and road shouldering.

In addition to no longer having the weight limitations that the old bridge had, the new bridge features heightened distance between it and the water for increased navigational use of the river.

The total project cost is $1.26 million, with funding coming from State Aid dollars. Redstone Construction, LLC, is the project contractor.