Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum - Prep for deer opener

Having some help at the shack on the last weekend before deer season was great. Having two friends from high school out in the woods was awesome.
Joined by Megan’s dog Millie, Steve Jacobson, Jim Ronn and I tackled some of the last-minute projects out at Camp Cholesterol.
Our main project was to finish putting up a tower stand including putting the canvas top over the metal frame.
This is definitely not a one man job and it took all three of us to make it happen. Some would say it takes three of us to do the work of one man, but that’s besides the point.
We did manage to get the stand completed without falling off, a major accomplishment to be sure. There was a few minutes along the way I was worried Jim’s back was going to go out or Steve was going to point out there was an easier way, but all’s well that ends well.
With our major task out of the way we decided to add to our lunch break by having Jim sight in his rifles. That would’ve been comedy enough but I decided to make it more interesting by putting out some Tannerite.
This is good redneck fun of trying to hit a container filled with powder that makes a bigger boom than the rifle going off.
Jim and Jake haven’t seen this before so they were a bit cautious.
“Just put it on the bench by the sauna,” I told Jim.
“Are you crazy? I’m putting it way past that,” said Jim.
Steve watched me mix the Tannerite and pour it back into the one pound containers. One problem, all of the pellets didn’t fit. Solution? Make another container.
We even decided to have a grand finale by putting two pounds in the mixing container.
Now that was a bit bigger boom.
Good fun out at the shack prior to the start of deer season. Now it’s time to sit and wait for the big buck to come in. Or not to come in. Either way.
Good luck and be sure to email a pic of you and your big buck to me to put in the paper: elyecho@aol.com