“Footloose” begins Nov. 10 at school

Ely students are cutting loose and busting moves all over the stage, as they prepare for this year’s musical, “Footloose.” They have been working for seven weeks on their singing, their acting and their footwork. This musical exudes energy and anyone who attends will feel it.
In the play, the main character and his mother (Emma Terwilliger), starting a new life, move from the big city of Chicago to Beaumont, Texas. The culture shock is enough to ruin Ren’s (played by Blaise Lah) life.
He learns that this town has outlawed dancing because of a tragic accident. Reverend Shaw Moore played by Jasiah Wigdahl) is the de facto mayor and enforcer of the “No-dancing” law. In doing so he alienates his daughter Ariel (Erika Mattson) and his wife Vi (Danielle Krostue).
Ariel rebels and finds Ren quite attractive. Vi retreats, but by the end finds her voice.
Ariel and Ren lead the high school on a quest to reverse the dancing law. In doing so, Ren helps the Reverend let go of the past, which secures his support of dancing.
The play ends in a dance sequence that has the whole cast pounding the boards.
One of the most difficult things about doing a play in Ely is that the students are involved in everything. Practices and performance weave their way through four sports schedules, music concerts and personal breaks.
Because of this the public should be informed about the unique performance schedule.
The two performances will be Friday, November 10 at 7 p.m. and Sunday, November 12 at 4 p.m.
These two performance will be in the Washington Auditorium. All tickets are $5. Ely Echo 11/4/2017