Man found dead in fire at Grahek Apartments

by Nick Wognum -

A resident was found dead in his living room at Grahek Apartments when a fire broke out Wednesday night.
David Curtis Cashman, 70, was named as the victim. His apartment on the third floor had flames and black smoke pouring out the window when firefighters arrived around 5 p.m.
A neighboring resident tried to open the door to Cashman’s apartment when he smelled smoke. Unfortunately the door was locked.
Ely fire department members used the 250 gallons of water from the Hummer fire truck to quickly extinguish the fire through the living room window.
Ely fire chief Tom Erchull said the initial calls came to 911 from Sibley Apartments and the Boundary Waters Care Center.
“We got there and they threw 250 gallons of water from the ground and they put out the fire,” said Erchull....

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