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Nolan represents the 8th District well, McCollum fails in trying to rule from afar

Intra-party fighting for the DFL pitted Eighth District Congressman Rick Nolan against Twin Cities-based Betty McCollum this past week. In the end, Nolan shows how he did the near impossible, win as a Democrat in the Eighth where Republican Donald Trump came out victorious as well.
How did Nolan do it? By listening to the people who live here. Nolan knows the support for mining is strong in northeast Minnesota. That’s why people like McCollum have to resort to back-door political moves instead of decisions based in science and determined by laws.
This past week McCollum attacked Nolan for his attempts to right a wrong created in the waning days of the Obama administration.
Nolan said, “We should also never be afraid of exploration and discovery, or using science and facts to dictate important decisions. We must allow mining initiatives to proceed through the proper, rigorous and thorough environmental process – using science, facts and technology to guide our review of actual projects and environmental technology. Prohibiting this exploration before a project proposal is even made is simply irresponsible.”
Having the facts on your side certainly helps in this argument which is why McCollum has had to resort to fear mongering and personal attacks.
“For years, I have worked alongside tens thousands of Minnesotans and Americans to protect the Boundary Waters Canoe Area Wilderness from the unacceptable risk of pollution from sulfide-ore copper mining,” said McCollum.
This sounds so familiar. For those who have been around long enough, this is in the same vein as the words of Bruce Vento, Don Fraser and California Rep. Phillip Burton who so infamously is noted for drunkenly “outlining with his socked right big toe which (BWCA) boundaries were acceptable.”
None of these people were elected by the people of the Eighth District, including McCollum. If she knows what’s best for this area, we invite her to run for office here. Since you don’t have to live in the district, only in the state, let’s put McCollum’s name on the ballot. Mickey Mouse would stand a better chance of winning.
Nolan has proved again and again he represents the interests of the Eighth District and will stand up to the extreme liberal elements in his own party.
Betty McCollum may believe she rules northeast Minnesota from her environmental extremist perch in St. Paul and Washington D.C. But it’s Nolan who has the backing of the people here and rightly so. He’s done an excellent job of not cow-towing to the Sierra Club et al. For that he deserves our thanks.

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