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Hook and Bullet Club by Nick Wognum

Do good things come in threes? If so I would submit a wedding, a moose and the northern lights.

Editorial: Vermilion Foundation event honors worthy winners as it returns to calendar

Last week, the Vermilion College foundation held a scholarship banquet for the first time since 2019.

Window into Yesterday - The Finnish Riviera

The Finnish Riviera.

Lowering prescription drug prices

by Senator Amy Klobuchar

Rants from the Relic - The Right Hand Man Band

by Doug Luthanen

Volunteers working on Miners Memorial close to finishing an important task

In this week’s Ely Echo there is a list of 274 names of men who died working in Ely’s iron mines.

Trout Whisperer -Ya can’t hug him tight enough

In his own words, he is, four an walf years older.

Editorial: Raskin’s visit to Ely certainly welcome, but comes with pinch of irony

It’s exceedingly rare for a small town to have not one, but two members of Congress visit in a span of 24 hours.

Is It a Reason or An Excuse?

by Diana Mavetz Petrich

Asking local governments to contribute $330,000 too much, hospital should take over

The need for a local ambulance service is not questioned but how it should be paid for certainly can be debated.

Editorial: Housing study confirms Ely’s need: Now comes the hard part

A recently completed housing study commissioned by the city of Ely stated the obvious: that there’s a significant dem

Rants from the Relic - A Fast Ending

Recently fellow Northwoods curmudgeon, former Ely mayor Joe Baltich, wrote about his visit to the Ely Bloomenson Comm

Blueberry/Art’s continued success is Linda Fryer’s lasting legacy

It was earlier this month that leaders of the Ely Chamber of Commerce, mayor Heidi Omerza and others gathered to dedi

EDITORIAL: Twin Metals proclamation: mining foes wage strange, needless and losing battle

Over the last decade-and-a-half, the copper-nickel mining project proposed by Twin Metals Minnesota has faced persist

EDITORIAL: Labor shortage leaves diners hungry

Ask anyone who’s tried to eat out in Ely on a Monday night, or during the weekend, or the poor local restaurant serve

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