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Raise building permit fees in Ely? Please, council, tell us you’re joking

Ely’s city council is on the verge of taking a bad situation and making it worse. Much, much worse.

Get good voting habits started early

by Steve Simon

Here we go again, this time it’s another SNA on Burntside Lake

Three visitors to the Town of Morse monthly meeting likely didn’t get the reception they were looking for Tuesday nig

LETTER: ... contributing to pollution that is more immediately devastating to the BWCA waters than a mine

Dear Editor:

... it’s imperative to investigate to the fullest extent what the true effect may or may not be to the water shed

Dear Editor:

LETTER: ... Did Frank Stupnik make these snow shoes and when?

Dear Editor,

New wild rice recommendations as clear as mud

A new formula for determining how to protect wild rice may not make it off the drawing board.

Enough is enough: time to scrap building inspection, fee structure in City of Ely

Hats off to Ely council member Paul Kess for shining the light on an issue that certainly needs more scrutiny and inv

...this standard makes no sense

Dear Editor:

Land exchange needs history lesson

The proposed BWCA land exchange is out for comment and if history is an indicator, don’t expect this version to get v

Believe it or not, winter’s going fast

When the temperatures were still dropping to 30 degrees below zero last week, it was hard to believe.

Legal wrangling: PEIS, wolves, South Fowl

If you’re keeping score at home, here’s some updates on the legal issues in the area.

Let’s learn from the history of Ely

Ely has had some true characters over the years, including one who came to be known as the Grand Marshal of the BWCA.

... shows median household income 20% higher than the 55792 zip code

Dear Editor:

... a clumsy attempt to distort the facts in order to support his argument

Dear Editor

RAMS could be better in the long run

After a series of fumbles and one questionable play call, a local government organization could come out with a win.<

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