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Editorial: High school theater makes a return to Washington Auditorium

Over the course of the last several weeks much has been written and said, and deservedly so, about the success of Ely

Editorial: Volleyball trip to state capped an amazing fall - Ely should be proud

What a season! What a team!

LETTER: …we don’t attack someone for something their spouse does

Dear Editor,

LETTER:…expressed frustration over the situation and wanting to know what to do

Letter to the Editor:

Editorial: Government shouldn’t be a competitor

Over the years this newspaper has held firm on one tenet: Government has no business competing with private enterpris

Editorial: Another step forward for ambulance service

There aren’t any other entities where area elected officials would open their checkbooks twice in one year.

Editorial: Seventh annual Stone Stash is a fun event

Coming up Friday morning you may see folks looking for painted rocks in Ely.

Editorial: Bakk adds another wrinkle to suddenly competitive Senate and House campaigns

For the most part, elections for state legislature in our neck of the woods are usually drab, cut-and-dried affairs.<

EDITORIAL: Newspaper reporting and content have never been more relevant

by Brett Wesner, Chair
National Newspaper Association

Fall events keep Ely rolling

The calendar has turned to late-September and October will be here within days.

Letter: …For us mining guys, we can only hope that our side gets a fair shake in the courts and that our lawyers prove to be every bit as clever as you.

Letter to the editor:
My Response to Becky Rom:

Letter: …come out and line the routes and cheer

To the Editor:

Editorial: Obituaries - a window into a lifetime

Obituaries are a window into a person’s lifetime and every time we read one we learn something new.

Three economic needs in Ely: Workforce, housing and childcare

Politicians like to say they will work to bring jobs to the Ely area.

Letter: Congratulations Ely Rotary Club

Congratulations Ely Rotary Club for 100 years of outstanding service to the community.

EDITORIAL: Facts over fear: Amid new hysteria, Covid data offers reassurance

With the rise of the Delta variant and news that cases of Covid-19 are climbing back up after an early-summer swoon,

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